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2010 Improves - The Blackberry Ball moves up and down!

I started the New Year wondering what was up with my blackberry - the rolling ball which is really the primary piece of this device (oh I am sure there is just  incredible technology behind it but this is what I could see and touch as basic as that may seem) would only go side to side and not up and down.  I pondered if this was symbolic of the meaning of life and the new year when a fortune cookie I opened it reinforced it.

Well I am happy to say I visited the Verizon store today, complaining loudly about this ball not going up and down.  Immediately I was shown to the Technology Desk.  Jon and his co-worker began to analyze the situation.  Jon shouted to his co-worker, wow can you believe this.  I thought to myself, see this ball thing is really broken, maybe never had one broken like that before...they all came to his side as he waved my blackberry in front of them, "More than 8000 emails!", another tech chimed in,"we thought the 5000 one was the record"....and yes there were 8000 plus emails in my blackberry, yes I did review them on my laptop but apparently had not fully erased them from my blackberry in the two months I have had the phone.  The comments were flying in amazement!  Then I am thinking are they saying that because I get so many emails?  All of the technicians were very polite and extremely professional but still had an awe of amazement....that is when they told me I just about gave the brain of my blackberry a stroke, not only were the emails stored in the general email box but also under their respective other icons like aol, gmail and TradeWinds emails. 

They asked me what I did for a living and I explained I get about a thousand emails a day as a Realtor, most of which are related in some degree to Real Estate.  Asking permission they began to delete my emails and as they did it was like being in an operating room with someone who had been brought back to life...slowly the options began to be revived, the ball on my blackberry now moves back and forth and up and down again, it is no longer paralyzed by my lack of knowledge regarding the storage capacity of my blackberry.  I am back in business.

I now know more about my blackberry than I did yesterday or last week but when or if I have a problem again I will be heading to see Jon at exit 5 Verizon Store in Plymouth as he has the experience and knowledge I need to keep my valuable tool running right.  So if you have questions regarding the Real Estate Market whether Buying or Selling I do hope you will give me a call, I may not be that great with the solutions for a blackberry repair but I do have years of experience, work full time and have many references to assist you with finding a solution for your real estate issue.  You can reach me ON MY BLACKBERRY at 781-910-7294 or by coming by one of TradeWinds Realty Group's offices, we are located on Rt 53 at 124 Washington Street in Norwell and Rt 3A at 1 Court Street, Suite 26, Plymouth, MA.  Happy New Year!

MaryBeth Mills Muldowney, Massachusetts Real Estate Broker and Licensed Auctioneer

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change.

The Leader adjusts the sails." -John Maxwell

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2010 Improves - The Blackberry Ball moves up and down!
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